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The remediation of contaminated soil, groundwater, indoor air, and other material is a complex process, warranting a qualified team of professionals that can manage the entire process including developing cleanup goals and preparing risk assessments, regulatory negotiations, design and installation, operation and maintenance, and site closure. Partners’ staff has the skill set necessary to implement active remedies including:

  • Enhanced Natural Attenuation (nutrient injection and natural parameter monitoring)
  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Soil Vapor Extraction(SVE)
  • Free Product Recovery
  • In-Situ Bioremediation
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Contaminant Plume Control (Pump and Treat, Interceptor Trench, Cut-off Walls)
  • Targeted Excavation
  • Engineering Controls (Caps, Vapor Barriers, Sub-slab Depressurization Systems, etc.)
  • PCB Cleanup
  • Others

From simple excavation and disposal to complex remedies involving combinations of several remedial alternatives and risk assessments, Partners has the expertise to handle all of your site remediation needs.


RCRA Closure and Corrective Actions

Completed RCRA Closures and Corrective Actions for various facilities including:

  • Industrial Sites
  • Brownfields
  • Operating Facilities
  • Chemical Plants
  • Foundaries
  • U.S. EPA 2020 Compliance

UST Services

Since the mid-1980s, Partners’ staff have conducted UST closures, assessments and corrective actions throughout most of the United States, both for individual sites and large petroleum retailers.


Other Regulatory and Voluntary Cleanup Programs

Partners has extensive experience implementing remedial actions at various facilities including those under orders from State environmental regulatory agencies and the U.S. EPA, facilities undergoing voluntary actions, NRC regulated sites, and others, including:

  • Manufacturing with Thorium Alloys (NRC, targeted removal)
  • Former circuit board manufacturer (U.S. EPA Region 3, groundwater cleanup, targeted removal and engineering controls)
  • Former filter manufacturing facility (State EPA, SVE, targeted removal and engineering controls)
  • Lighting Manufacturer (State Voluntary, SVE with sparging)
  • Brass and Copper Facility (State EPA, PCB cleanup, hazardous soil stabilization and removal)
  • Former Truck Manufacturer (State Voluntary, PCB cleanup, free product recovery)
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