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Due Diligence Assessments

Completed Due Diligence projects for a wide range of buyers, sellers and lenders including:

  • Cell tower
  • Developers
  • Insurance companies
  • Local, State and Federal government
  • Manufacturing
  • Merger and Acquisitions
  • National and regional banks
  • Oil and Gas
  • Real estate brokers
  • Venture capital firms
  • Wind Energy

The ability to provide a complete service, from due diligence through deal closing, is what separates Partners from the remainder of the industry.

Brownfield Programs

Phase II Investigations and Risk Assessment

Partners has extensive experience implementing remedial actions at various facilities including those under orders from State environmental regulatory agencies and the U.S. EPA, facilities undergoing voluntary actions, NRC regulated sites, and others, including:

  • Sub-surface investigations of soil, groundwater, and air
  • Evaluation of data in support of risk assessments under various regulatory guidance programs
  • State UST programs
  • State and Federal Brownfield programs
  • US EPA (RAGS).

Risk Assessments form the cornerstone of every investigation we conduct. With the use of risk-based investigations and analysis, Partners can often resolve environmental concerns without the need for undertaking costly physical remediation activities.

Brownfield Programs

Partners has been at the forefront of Brownfield programs since the early 1990s. We have authored regulations, developed sophisticated risk assessment protocols in conjunction with cost effective remediation, and successfully accessed public subsidies. The principal work conducted by Partners is the assessment and remediation of environmentally impacted properties using risk management tools consistent with Brownfield principals.

  • State-licensed professionals
  • Experience with Local, State and Federal grant writing
  • Past presenter at National Brownfield Conferences
  • Experts in the development of risk-based solutions

As state Brownfield programs continue to evolve, our long-standing relationships with the state and federal EPAs and experience with commercial and industrial sites can be instrumental in supporting Brownfield redevelopment projects.

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