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Global EHS Auditing Support

Partners routinely provides our clients with global regulatory compliance auditing for both environmental and health & safety. Our network of prequalified companies provides us the opportunity to hand pick the right senior environmental professionals for each assignment. Aspects of our auditing services include the following:

  • Exception or protocol based EHS regulatory compliance auditing
  • Customer protocols or development of new protocols as required
  • Integration of audit findings with EHS management systems
  • Value added overview of facility risks based on results of audits

At Partners, we understand that to effectively manage and efficiently deliver services in today’s global marketplace, a company must have the right knowledge, experience, and business acumen for the job.

Global EHS

Global M&A Risk & Liability Advisory Services

Partners’ senior management team has decades of global deal expertise to a diverse group of private sector clients across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, and private equity investment firms, seeking acquisitions, divestitures, or re-financing. We quickly identify material liabilities and quantify these risks for consideration in financial models and deal negotiations. We take into account local geographies around the world including the varying regulatory climates, and adjust the risk analysis accordingly. We consider::

  • Subsurface Contamination
  • Operational Compliance
  • Off-site Impacts
  • 3rd Party Risks
  • Potential Responsible Party (PRP) and CERCLA Risks
  • Pending Regulatory Impacts
  • Orphaned/Previously Owned Properties
  • Adequacy of Corporate Reserves and Capital Budgets
  • Lease Obligations
Global EHS

Global EHS Asset & Liability Management

Partners recognizes the need to standardize approaches and establish consistency in assessing and managing multiple facility locations and portfolio companies around the globe. With our prequalified network, we are able to normalize procedures, criteria, and the interpretation of issues such that our clients can manage their companies consistently worldwide. Types of global services offered by Partners include:

  • Site Characterization and Remediation
  • 100 day Plans
  • Building Management and Portfolio Restructuring
  • Ongoing EHS Compliance and Permitting
Global EHS
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