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Federal Grants

Successfully authored highly competitive United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Brownfield grant applications for brownfield redevelopment projects. The various USEPA grant programs include:

  • Site Specific – Petroleum
  • Site Specific – Hazardous Waste
  • Community Wide – Petroleum
  • Community Wide – Hazardous Waste
  • Coalition
  • Clean Up
  • Planning
  • Revolving Loan Fund

Partners can also assist with other Federal Programs.



State Grants

Experienced with the State of Ohio Development Services Agency and JobsOhio Grant Programs. Successfully participated in, authored and/or executed many Clean Ohio/JobsOhio/Gas Station Cleanup Fund projects. Experience with various state programs, Including:

  • Clean Ohio Assistance Fund – Phase I or Phase II Assessment
  • Clean Ohio Assistance Fund Clean-Up
  • Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund
  • Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund
  • Job Ready Sites
  • JobsOhio Assessment and Revitalization Grants
  • Gas Station Cleanup Fund

Partners can also assist with other State Programs.


Local Grants

Partners has strong connections with local governmental agencies, which supports good lines of communication, allowing Partners to promote projects. The local government agencies typically use funds received through Federal and State grant programs. Partners is familiar with various local grant opportunities that are available from municipal and county agencies.

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