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Site/Civil Engineering

Partners provides a wide range of Site/Civil Engineering Design and Consulting Services to provide our clients with creative, unique, and cost effective solutions to their projects. We work with private residential, commercial and industrial developers, and public entities such as local municipalities, counties and states. We perform site engineering services for small and large box retail facilities, residential subdivisions, planned unit and condominium developments, roadway and utility infrastructure improvements, ODOT Non-Complex Roadway Design, storm water management, recreational facilities and parks and trails. We also provide engineering services to support our Environmental and Compliance groups as well.

Civil Engineering

Residential Subdivisions

Partners provides unparalleled experience in the planning and design of residential subdivisions by visualizing our clients’ desired end result and creating an innovative, yet cost effective, solution and design to make their vision a reality. Our engineers are highly experienced in the most up to date technologies and products and incorporate these into our designs. With over 70 years of experience in residential development, we understand the need to create a set of construction plans that are not only construction friendly, but also provide a well-balanced and attractive site.

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