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Regulatory Compliance

Expertise in providing solutions for a wide range of regulatory compliance issues, including:

  • Air emission inventories and permitting
  • PCBs, Asbestos, DOT HAZMAT
  • Permit applications
  • Program Development/Implementation, Training, Reporting and Record Keeping
  • Regulatory agency negotiations
  • SARA Title III reporting (Chemical Inventory forms and TRI / Form Rs)
  • Solid and hazardous waste evaluation and management (RCRA)
  • Spill prevention / SPCC Plans
  • Storm water permits and pollution prevention plans (SWPPP)
  • Wastewater discharge compliance

Partners has international experience serving companies of all sizes, from single facilities to Fortune 500 manufacturing firms.


Environmental Auditing

Comprehensive auditing services, including:

  • Analysis of audit findings and trends
  • Applicability determination of numerous federal, state and local regulations
  • Corporate Audit program development and implementation
  • Objective, third-party compliance audits
  • Recommendations for cost-effective solutions for audit findings to ensure efficient resource allocation and business planning

Having conducted audits internationally at numerous types of facilities with a wide range of operations, our Team of auditors is familiar with many industries and can offer solutions representing best practices.


Environmental Management

Capable in overall management of environmental programs and environmental management systems (EMSs), including:

  • Analysis of future growth and expansion plans to determine impacts on environmental compliance and management
  • Comprehensive EMSs designed to pass rigorous third-party certification audits
  • Contract employee solutions for EHS positions
  • Customized environmental compliance/management manuals
  • Evaluation of operations to determine strategies for obtaining exemptions from complex regulatory programs
  • ISO 14001 EMSs
  • Simple tools to cost-effectively manage compliance

From simple reporting and plan preparation to comprehensive management systems, Partners has the expertise to assist with all of your environmental compliance needs.

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