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Covenant Not-to-Sue Issued for Former Apex Manufacturing Facility

Sandusky, Ohio Waterfront Property

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a covenant not to sue (CNS) to the City of Sandusky and Famous Realty of Cleveland (Famous) for the Former Apex Manufacturing facility (Property) located in Sandusky, Ohio along the Sandusky Bay shoreline. The 15 acre property was first developed in 1919; and throughout the 1930s it was used by a car company, primarily an appliance manufacturer, tire manufactures, and an asphalt and rubber company. Since 1968 the property primarily has been used as a warehouse. Currently, the Property is owned by Famous, which hired Partners Environmental Consulting, Inc. (Partners) to provide Certified Professional (CP) services to identify areas of environmental concern and determine the necessary remedial actions to undertake. Partners conducted Voluntary Action Program (VAP) Phase I and Phase II Property Assessments, Risk Assessment, and prepared Demolition Specifications, Pre-Demolition Asbestos Surveys and completion reports. Remedial efforts included the removal of a 20,000-gallon heating oil underground storage tank (UST), a 1,500-gallon steel storage tank, and soil was excavated and removed from four (4) areas. Also, before demolition, asbestos-containing material (ACM) was removed from the buildings. Mr. John Garvey, Partners’ Director of Brownfield and Remediation Services, served as CP for VAP activities in pursuance of the CNS, which was issued June 6, 2015. The Property, now serves a prime waterfront land ready for redevelopment.

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