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Partners Awarded City of Cleveland’s Department of Public Utilities Contract to Provide Environmental, Health, Safety, Engineering and Other Services

Partners has been awarded a contract by the City of Cleveland’s Department of Public Utilities (City) to provide Environmental, Health, Safety, Engineering, and Other ServicesAs a small business enterprise (SBE), Partners has a well-established working relationship with the City of Cleveland, in addition to other local and regional governmental entities. This next venture will play an important role in fostering our relationships with key clients like the City of Cleveland, as we draw upon our local highly trained staff, rapport with regulatory agencies, and commitment to provide integrated services with exceptional quality.

For this contract, Partners is collaborating with NTH Consultants, Ltd., City Architecture, Inc., and L.V. Surveying, Inc. to continue its reputation for bringing specialized risk-based environmental solutions to the business and governmental community.

Under the environmental services agreement, Partners and its Project Team will be called upon to provide a wide range of services including: employee health and safety services, environmental permit assistance, forensic investigations, structural analyses, geotechnical services, industrial hygiene services, materials testing and analysis, energy audits, inspection (and cleaning) of sanitary sewers, hazard and risk assessments, green and sustainable design services, alternative stormwater management services, environmental and health sampling and analysis, water treatment residuals analysis, and miscellaneous engineering consulting services.

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