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Cleveland Opportunity Corridor – The US EPA’s “First-Ever” Area-Wide Brownfield Pilot Planning Grant Project

On behalf of the Cleveland City Planning Commission and in partnership with City Architecture, Partners prepared an application for the USEPA’s “First-Ever” Area-Wide Brownfield Pilot Planning Grant in 2010. The City was awarded $175,000, which was used to assist the City of Cleveland in developing a community supported Area-Wide Plan for Brownfields assessment, cleanup and redevelopment. The Area-Wide Plan focused on four (4) development districts located adjacent to the planned roadway project known as the Cleveland Opportunity Corridor.

The goal of the USEPA’s pilot program is to help further community-based partnership efforts within underserved or economically disadvantaged neighborhoods by confronting local environmental and public health challenges related to Brownfields. All of this will be accomplished while at the same time creating a planning framework to advance economic development and job creation. For the Cleveland Opportunity Corridor Area-Wide Plan, Partners collected and synthesized existing Brownfield resources and created a Priority Site List of Brownfields located within the four (4) development districts. This information was consolidated into a single base map, which was presented to an advisory committee and the public. A series of design charettes were held to assist in the development of design guidelines. The community supported Brownfield Area-Wide Plan included an analysis of existing infrastructure, site reuse potential, sustainable planning strategies, prioritization of the Priority Sites, the creation of the Area-Wide Plan and a description of Brownfield resources that will assist in implementation of the Plan. This document will form the roadway from which development decisions can be made as Opportunity Corridor moves from vision to reality.

To learn more about this exciting venture, please click on the following link:

Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Pilot Project Fact Sheet

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