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Cleveland Water Main Renewal


This project entailed Partners’ land surveying team performing both the field work and base mapping for multiple different water main renewal projects starting in 2017 through the present date. We recently finalized the survey work on their 2022 renewal project and have begun working on the 2023 renewal project. Our Team has been awarded this contract in three (3) consecutive terms.

The water main renewal projects are long stretches of roadway and often require significant planning. Throughout the process, Partners is responsible for making the OUPS call, locating all water valves on site, creating multiple highly detailed base maps for the project and laying out the right of way. All of these tasks require organization, research, and communication to ensure that the project is completed in an efficient and accurate manor.
Each project had tight timetables in which we were able to meet all their deadlines in performing the work and providing the varying stages of base mapping on time.

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