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Shadow Ridge Subdivision

Jackson Township, Ohio

Partners completed the improvement plans for this 59-lot single family subdivision northwest of Canton, Ohio.  The project started with the preparation of a boundary and topographic survey of the property, performed by Cooper & Associates, LLC, acquired by Partners in  2016.  Partners proceeded to prepare a Preliminary Plan laying out the lots along with the storm drains, sanitary sewers, and water lines.  We worked with the development team to guide the Preliminary Plan through the approval process, submitting to and attending meetings with the Stark County Regional Planning Commission, Stark County Sanitary Engineer and the Stark Soil and Water Conservation District to obtain approvals from these agencies.  As this process was underway, the Improvement Plans were prepared for review by these agencies as well as the Stark County Engineer’s office and the water, natural gas, electric power, cable television, and telephone utilities.  Applications for Permits To Install extensions of the sanitary sewers and water lines were prepared and submitted to the Ohio EPA Northeast Ohio District for review and approval.  Improvement Plan sets were also issued to a selection of construction contractors who prepared bids to execute the designs.  Near the end of the Improvement Plans preparations, a Subdivision Plat showing the final arrangement of the lots and roadway rights-of-way was prepared and submitted for recordation by Stark.

Once construction began, Partners provided layout and staking surveying services to guide the Contractor.  These services were provided on an “on-call” basis, involving several and frequent trips to the site throughout this period.  This part of the project culminated in the preparation of “as-built” plans, marked to show the changes in location for the several utility appurtenances for submittal to the utility agencies for their records.  Lastly, as the individual lots was completed, Partners located and installed the iron pins marking the corners and set iron pin monuments at street intersections, in accordance with the information shown on the Subdivision Plat.

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