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International Due Diligence

Suzhou, China

As part of a large international transaction involving multiple facilities, Partners utilized its network of resources to assess environmental contamination and compliance issues at a large machinery manufacturing plant located in Suzhou, China. Our work included evaluating site conditions in accordance with typical United States (US) standards but also relative to local regulations. Through our network of sub-consultants located in-country, Partners was able to bridge the gap between US and local requirements. Our sub-consultants are bilingual and familiar with the requirements in the US as well as their local area, which is critical to coordinating such an effort. Unlike other firms with worldwide offices, we can locate smaller, more responsive firms that are best suited for the job at hand. In this case, after the initial assessments of environmental conditions and compliance, we also helped the Client with various investigations of the site and the resolution of open compliance matters that were uncovered. This effort helped our Client manage risk and led to the successful closing of the overall transaction. After the acquisition of the company, this location was deemed duplicative and was decommissioned. Over a two (2) year period, Partners provided local oversight for our Client with on-site resources to manage the plant decommissioning process. These services included coordination of remediation, waste disposal, regulatory reporting, and providing reliable eyes and ears on-site during critical activities. With resources located near the facility, we were able to respond quickly and with minimal travel expenses. This allowed the Client to use us strategically when needed, thereby saving on costs by not having to maintain a full-time presence. The facility was successfully closed in 2020.

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