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Voluntary Action Program

Former Chase & Brass Industrial (PMX) Facility
Euclid, Ohio

In 2008, Partners conducted a Phase I Property Assessment and a Limited Phase II Investigation for the developer, Ray Fogg Building Methods, that were funded by a grant from the Cuyahoga County Department of Development (US EPA Brownfield Assessment Program). Results of the preliminary assessments indicated a significant environmental condition, an on-site hazardous waste landfill, which required remediation prior to the site’s redevelopment. Partners assisted the Client in applying for a Job Ready Sites (JRS) grant, which was awarded in 2008 for a total of $4.3 MM. In accordance with the JRS grant agreement, all assessment and remedial activities were required to be conducted in accordance with Ohio Voluntary Action Program (VAP) regulations.

The JRS funded activities began in April 2009 and included further assessment of the site, remediation of PCB impacted concrete and soil, characterizing and removing of an on-site hazardous waste landfill, providing remedial oversight during the removal of a former sludge lagoon, completing a risk assessment that included groundwater modeling, and the demolition of the on-site structures. Partners worked closely and met several times with Ohio Environmental Protection (EPA) personnel throughout the course of this project. All of the field activities were completed by August 2009, resulting in the Certified Professional (Mr. John Garvey) issuing the No Further Action (NFA) Letter on September 17, 2009. The Ohio EPA granted a Covenant Not to Sue (CNS) to the Client in December 2009. The time frame to complete the VAP activities from a start in early 2009 to a CNS by December of the same year is a testament to Partners’ close working relationship with Ohio EPA and our knowledge of the VAP.

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