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Voluntary Action Program

Garland Expansion Project
Cleveland, Ohio

Partners conducted Ohio Voluntary Action Program (VAP)  Phase II Property Assessments for Garland Industries through a Clean Ohio Assessment Fund (COAF) grant to help facilitate property acquisition and expansion of their existing manufacturing facility.  Off-Property work was necessary as part of the investigation, which was funded by a USEPA grant administered through Cuyahoga County (Department of Development).  Following acquisition, further work, including a risk assessment, fate and transport modeling, remediation, an Operation and Maintenance (O&M) plan, and all other documents associated with preparing a No Further Action (NFA) Letter under Ohio’s VAP were completed under the Cuyahoga County Forgivable Loan Program.

Through risk assessment, Partners was able to isolate the area in which remedial actions would be necessary.  Partners provided environmental specifications and supervision for the installation of a Sub-Slab Depressurization (SSD) System within the existing building in order to reduce exposure to volatilization of contaminants from soil to indoor air and to ensure that the standards are met to maintain the validity of the NFA.

The SSD system creates a negative pressure gradient between the building’s interiors and subsurface on a continuous basis to inhibit vapors from entering the building.  Partners also established engineering controls and a Uniform Environmental Covenant.  The NFA for this project was issued in February 2009. 

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