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Precious Metals Recycler / Re-Refiner

Partners provides ongoing strategic environmental management services to a precious metal recycling firm. The company accepts scrap materials containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium from a variety of industries, and recovers the precious metal through physical, chemical, electrochemical and/or thermal processing. Partners’ personnel were initially retained in 2000 to assess performance issues associated with a pyrolysis furnace in New Jersey which was experiencing emission excursions based on Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) output. Through evaluation of operating data and CEM chart output, we were able to demonstrate that more than two thirds of the alleged excursions were not actual emission violations, resulting in a penalty reduction of over $200,000.

When management decided to open a new facility in North Carolina, Partners’ staff was retained to conduct assessments of candidate sites, work with the sellers to close out prior cleanup cases, evaluate equipment and emission controls; obtain environmental permits and approvals, and establish best-in-class environmental standards and practices. Ongoing services have included participation in customer audits; assistance with waste determinations and characterizations; RCRA and DOT training; routine environmental reporting (RCRA, EPCRA); renewal of state waste transporter permits; and regulatory updates and interpretations for the facility and its customers.




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