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Roofing and Flooring Products Manufacturing Company

Partners conducted a Safety and Health Audit of a Roofing and Flooring Products Manufacturing Company. The purpose of the Safety and Health Audit was to assess conditions at the facility with respect to OSHA safety and health regulations, and identify conditions or programs that were not in compliance with applicable regulations. The purpose was also to evaluate accident and incident reporting and performance.

At the request of the client, and to minimize potential disruptions to facility operations during seasonal production increases, Partners conducted the Audit in two phases.

The first phase of the Audit consisted of a review of written programs, training records, and other documentation of compliance with OSHA requirements. Written programs reviewed included Hazard Communication, Lockout/Tagout, Fire Prevention, Personal Protective Equipment, Respiratory Protection, Emergency Response, and others. Records of training, drills, inspections and other activities were also reviewed as during the first Phase of the Audit.

Accident and Incident reporting was also reviewed, as was the facility’s Experience Modifier (EM) Rate, and related documentation.

The second phase of the Audit consisted of a physical inspection of the facility, and interviews with key facility personnel. The inspection was separated into key functional areas of the facility, to focus on specific processes, materials, and potential hazards. All applicable OSHA regulations were reviewed for each functional area, and findings summarized by area as well.

Partners prepared an audit report summarizing key findings and recommendations. Partners subsequently met with the facility Safety Committee to discuss findings, review recommendations, suggest options, and assist with planning for addressing all findings.



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