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Lead Acid Battery Manufacturer

Partners’ staff developed and implemented a multi-year auditing program for a global manufacturer / recycler of lead acid batteries. Audits were typically staffed by one environmental and one safety resource with expertise in their respective jurisdictions. A total of 27 audits were completed in the following locations:

  • Domestic: Arkansas, California, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missippi, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.
  • International: France, India, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates.

Audit deliverables were developed in the form of tabular summaries identifying areas of nonconformance, regulatory citations, in-context examples, and suggested corrective actions.

Following the initial round of audits, and in order to improve ongoing regulatory conformance, Partners’ staff were retained to develop registers and compliance calendars of EHS regulatory and permit requirements for 26 domestic manufacturing and recycling facilities. Facility input was reviewed monthly by our staff, and follow-up calls made as needed, to ensure timely task completion. Additional regulatory compliance support, as well as “mock” OSHA audits, was provided at numerous domestic sites.

Partners also conducted focused audits at sites in Louisiana and Missouri to assess RCRA Part B permit compliance and corrective action/remediation progress, as well as external audits of waste disposal facilities in Alabama, Missouri and British Columbia.

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