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Engineered Metal Products / Automotive Industry Supplier

Partners completed comprehensive environmental audits for 10 automotive metal stamping facilities in multiple states, as required by the Company’s ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.  After assessing compliance at each facility, reports were prepared to summarize the findings, identify action items, and prioritize responses.

Partners worked closely with facility health, safety and environmental (HSE) personnel to develop plans to address action items identified through the audits.  Partners also assisted the facilities in completing a variety of regulatory compliance activities, including preparation of Integrated Contingency Plans (ICP) to cover storm water, Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan, hazardous waste, and other emergency planning requirements; waste evaluation and handling requirements; SARA Title III Tier Two and Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting requirements; air emission inventories; and training.

Partners also provides an ongoing environmental regulatory tracking service, to enable the manufacturing facilities to stay abreast of newly issued and developing regulations.  Partners prepared a customized compliance matrix that summarized applicable state and federal environmental regulations, based on the specific operations at each facility.  Quarterly updates of new regulations and regulatory developments are provided.

Partners’ familiarity with the individual facilities and manufacturing operations allows us to focus on the key issues impacting the company’s operations.  Partners’ staff have developed close working relationships with personnel throughout the organization, and provides consulting for a variety of environmental issues on an ongoing basis.


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