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Air Quality Assessment and Air Permitting Services

Multiple Sites, Ohio

Partners has been assisting a manufacturer of roofing materials, construction sealants, and waterproofing systems with their air permitting requirements for multiple facilities in the State of Ohio since 2015. The company has installed several new production lines and made modifications to existing equipment since 2015, each of which required an air permitting applicability evaluation prior to commencement of installation or modification. Working closely with the client during the early stages of the proposed modifications, Partners prepares or updates an air emissions inventory for the new or modified equipment, as well as updating the facility-wide air emissions. This air emissions inventory is instrumental in determining if the planned installation meets applicable permit exemption criteria or requires the submission of a Permit to Install and Operate (PTIO) application. When the planned installation or modification requires a permit, Partners uses the emissions inventory to successfully develop a permitting strategy that allows the facility to maintain as much operational flexibility as possible without adding unnecessarily burdensome monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting conditions. Permit evaluations typically include the review of applicable federal and state regulations, such as National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPs), New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), and state Best Available Technology (BAT) requirements.

Along with successfully permitting the new installations/modifications in the Ohio EPA eBiz portal, Partners has assisted the client in developing and implementing recordkeeping spreadsheets that calculate monthly and 12-month rolling emissions per permit conditions based on production data; set up an ongoing monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting compliance calendar; prepared annual Permit Evaluation Reports (PER) and Fee Emissions Reports (FER); coordinated compliance stack testing events; and negotiated on behalf of the client with the Ohio EPA.

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